The Iditarod Trail

I’m not quite sure what the appeal of sled dog racing is. But it’s headquartered in the same little town my brother lives in (Wasilla) and it’s famous. So by gum, we’re going to see this place!

Sam and Jake don’t get out very often as it turns out. So even though they live three miles away, they’d never been to the place.

There was a really beautiful log cabin there that was almost entirely a gift shop with very expensive gifts. There was a small museum sort of thing there to give you a sense of history. There was also a fairly large side room with a big screen TV playing a video about the history of the Iditarod.

An interesting side note is that there hasn’t been enough snow in the couple years to start the race in Wasilla. So they’ve had to push the race about 40 miles north to a town called Willow to find enough snow. That’s global warming in action. Don’t believe in it? Just ask some of these Alaskas and they can tell you ALL ABOUT how they can see it on a daily basis.

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