The “Four Things” List

Suzi Meehle tagged me with this email, so I thought I’d share it here:

I’m not really tagging all y’all, just sharing…

Four jobs you have had in your life:
1. Busboy at Mr. C’s
2. Deli-man at Bruno’s Grocery Store
3. Salesman at Castner Knots
4. Software Developer at Nichols Research Corp

Four Movies you would watch over and over (in no particular order):
1. The Sixth Sense
2. The Christmas Story
3. Raising Arizona
4. Animal House

Four Places you have lived:
1. Auburn, WA
2. Barnegat, NJ
3. Huntsville, AL
4. Hermitage, TN

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. My Name is Earl
2. Most Extreme Challenge (on Spike TV)
3. Monster Machines
4. House

Four Places You want to visit ‘before you die:
1. Ireland
2. Japan
3. Costa Rica
4. Hawaii

Four of your favorite books:
1. “Guns, Germs, and Steel” by Jared Diamond
2. “The Botany of Desire” by James Polland
3. “The Name of the Rose” by Umberto Eco
4. “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” by J.K. Rowling

Four places you have been on vacation: 1. Jamaica
2. Chicago
3. Sanibel Island
4. San Diego

Four websites I visit daily:

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Italian, especially good ol’ spaghetti with marinara sauce
2. TexMex
3. Chiaroscuro – Brazilian/Argentine bar-b-que
4. Ice Cream

Four places I would rather be right now (in no particular order):
1. a pool in a warm sunny place
2. the Playboy mansion
3. in the yard planting flowers
4. at the batting cages

Four friends I am tagging that I think will respond…..
1. Steve
2. Kelly
3. Lisa
4. Jenn

It wasn’t on the list, but here’s a picture of one of my four favorite places that I’ve ever visited. In case you were wondering, it’s Dubrovnik in Croatia.




  1. COmpletely off-topic: I went to site for one of the intellectual property organizations I belong to and set up a member login. They automatically assign you a user ID based on the first two letters of your first and last name. So that made me….

    See? I totally knew you would get that!

  2. Dude, you tagged me! Now I have to do this shit! DAMMIT!

    Are you gonna be there in Huntsville whatever the hell weekend it’s supposed to be?

    Word Verification: fcrmp

    What it sounds like to fart while sitting on top of a carboard box

  3. Suze, you know he’s dyslexic!! So now he’s all puzzled ‘n stuff.
    But *I* figured it out … how coincidental!

  4. Steve -It’s the week before Easter. Jen is there through the 12th, and Chris is there through the 14th. Best I could do was to leave the night of the 12th and get there on the 13th, but I have to leave on the 16th. It’s eight flavors of crazy and DAMMIT I’m gonna miss Jen again!

  5. You’re user (I almost wrote suer) ID is sume? HA! That is good!

    Did I tag you Steve? Sorry about that I think that section was just a left-over from me copying it from Pam.

    Kender – I’m still puzzled-n-confused so I’m going to stop thinking now.

    My word for the day is “psnpiam”. That’s what the orderly asks you to do in the hospital bed when you’re not well enough to walk to the toilet.

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