The Beauty of Fall

I’ve had the joy of spending a lot of time with my kids this weekend. On Friday, Katie Jo and I went for a walk to both ends of our street. We visited with current neighbors and some new neighbors who are finishing up construction on their new house. We played in the creek. We tossed pine needles and climbed the stonework at the end of the driveways. But we had the most fun tossing dozens and dozens of acorns into one of the bigger crawdad holes in the creek.

Thursday was Katie’s last day at preschool for a few days due to the Thanksgiving holidays. So I went to visit her, along with Kelly, for a special holiday luncheon. Many parents and grandparents were there. Most of the food was prefab and yucky, but several brave souls brought some real home cookin’. The deserts were especially good. And of course, Katie Jo had an awesome time especially with her friend Amanda.

It’s funny how KJ can be so charming and funny. But she mostly chooses to be a cross between the Tasmanian Devil and a march hare.

Half of the time, I can’t get enough of her and the other half of the time I’m trying to figure out how we can pay for preschool five days per week! I guess that’s a dilemma all parents face.

The rest of the weekend has been very nice but also very busy. The girls and I slept in a bit, until about 8:00 am. Then, we all had baths, dressed, and enjoyed a breakfast together. After that, it was off on errands – Target, the storage unit, the lawn mower repair shop, Dylan’s friend’s house, the skating center, and then home. I got Dylan and Emily set up to do some extra housecleaning, which would pay for the trip to the mall they were planning so they could see the new Harry Potter movie. Meanwhile, Anna and Katie crashed for a couple hours of naptime.

It may not sound like much of a weekend. But it’s been a precious opportunity to recenter my world on home and family. I’ve taken a lot of steps in the past several months to put my life’s emphasis off of work and professional occupations and back onto my home life. I’ll tell you, I can feel my blood pressure dropping every day. Unfortunately, I do not feel my hair growing back in!


-The Zebraman


  1. Sometimes those are the best kinds of weekends.

  2. You have some incredible children. I’m glad you got some daddy time with them. I never had much of that growing up.

  3. Thanks, y’all, for those kind comments. I’m very happy to have a job that gives me a lot of time with the kids. And my heart is truly into spending time with the kids. It couldn’t get any better than that for me! (grin)


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