The Beach Nuns

Whenever Emily and Bailey got too much sun when they were out on the beach or at the pool on our trip to Orange Beach, they’d do their best to cover up. I was reminded of nuns in their habits, for some strange reason, so I started calling them the “beach nuns” whenever they’d wrap up to get away from the sun.

Another part of the Orange Beach trip was that folks had brought along a few “adult” beverages. So even though I hadn’t brought any and didn’t really drink much, there was plenty to be had and it sure did help me relax on the nights when I had some.

In some ways, it was a little more difficult to relax on this trip because I didn’t have Kelly to back me up (or, as she often did, carry the heavier load with the kids). Now, I drink very seldom. But experience has taught me that applying an extra marguerita to the vacation on any given night adds a lot more R&R to the overall experience! (LOL!) But without a backup adult, there were plenty of nights where I couldn’t drink at all because we’d planned a group dinner out or some group activity and I was the only driver for my family.

At the end of it all, though, I had a great time and hope to do it again!

Anyway, more posts to come…


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