Strong man!

One of the guys that I’ve had the honor to get to know while at Quest Software is one of our SQL Server SC’s named Darren Mallette. Darren is extremely talented with SQL Server and, without even knowing it, he’s made my job a lot easier by doing things to make his job easier. For example, he’s created scripts and demos to highlight certain problems on SQL Server. But by doing so, he makes it much easier for me to do the big webcasts and customer visits that I do all the time.

One of the really cool things about Darren is that he’s very active in the “World’s Strongest Man” kind of competitions that you see on ESPN. I love watching those shows just because it’s so amazing what these guys can do. Here I am – I can hardly life up one of my kids without blowing out a spinal disk and he’s over there flipping 300 lb tires like they were frisbees! One thing that’s really cool abour Darren is that he’s not a huge guy (big, yes; but not huge) and so he wins competitions with as much brain power as brawn.

In the picture at top, Darren is the third person from the right in the second row. It’s a competition where he was the grand champion. He’s hold a trophy and some kind of tub. He beat three guys he thought were unbeatable. The guy to his right, who took 2nd place, weighs in at 325 lbs! And here’s more, Darren doing a Truck Pull and a Tire Flip.

So here’s a cheer to Darren! You ROCK!


  1. Thanks for the kind words Kevin! But one correction, the tire in that video is close to 600 pounds! 🙂

  2. OMG – 600 lbs, that’s like picking up 8 Paris Hilton’s. That’s incredible!

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