Star Wars vs Star Trek

It funny how, at one time, I loved both the Star Wars movies and the Star Trek TV shows. But my how times have changed.

I officially hate all three “young Anakin” Star Wars movies which has in turn caused by opinion to go down on Star Wars overall. (As an aside, Natalie Portman is on my hottie list. So I’d watch the movies again just to see her. BUT I still don’t like ’em.) I still love Episode IV – the original Star Wars movie. And I also like “The Empire Strikes Back” quite a lot. Even “Return of the Jedi” is pretty good, if you remove the Ewoks and bar-b-que them on a spit over open flame.

Now contrast this attitude with the Star Trek TV shows. I really enjoyed the original Star Trek and grew to really like Star Trek:The Next Generation after about three seasons. But after that, the new series just got wimpier and wussier. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was so-so. I enjoyed many of the episodes, but those always centered around someone outside of the human “Federation” like those big-eared Ferengi or the drug-addicted Gem-Hadare. But overall, I didn’t like it that much. Then came Star Trek: Voyager. Sucked! And finally, there was that awful Star Trek show supposedly set before the Federation was established. That sucked big donkeys!

I think the thing that killed Star Trek for me was that everyone was so nice to each other. Now one of Gene Rodenberry’s themes of Star Trek was that eventually humans would get over their urge to kill each other and would finally work out all of their problems. But let’s be honest with ourselves here – that’s what makes good drama. Without the conflict, ya got no story!

So anyway that long preamble comes before I recommend that you take a couple minutes and enjoy this Star Wars vs Star Trek mashup video. It’s no wonder to me why YouTube is one of the most popular new websites to come along in a long time! Check it out:




  1. That was pretty good. I have to confess though I like all the Star Treks. My favorite is DS9. I also like Star Wars. I prefer the older ones, but when you sit down and watch the newer ones in order the story is better than watching them alone.

    Though these days I’m more interested in SG1.

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