#SQLVacation Follow-up Resources and Contest Details

I’ve gotten lots of requests for the slide decks, scripts, and the #SQLVacation contest running through July 31st. Plus, other things to follow-up on. In order to make life easier for me, I’ve put all of the answers in one place on my SQL Sentry blog page. Click the link to get all of the goodies. If enough people participate, I might be able to persuade my boss to let me do this next year. So c’mon and help a brother out!


#SQLVacation, The Experience

First came the in-person #SQLVacation roadtrip.


That Kline family won't be nearly as good at this as us Griswolds!That Kline family won’t be nearly as good at this as us Griswolds!

Two weeks riding the highways from Nashville, TN to Chicago, IL to St. Louis, MO and back.

One thousand four hundred miles in a minivan with five women (my wife and four of our daughters).

Eight PASS user groups. Twelve presentations. 

Over three hundred attendees. 

Two hundred t-shirts. 

Eight winners of a license for Plan Explorer PRO. 

And through it all


Merry Christmas! The ... uh ... bathroom was full!Merry Christmas! The … uh … bathroom was full!

If you’ve followed along with my blog posts, please let me know what you think. I sincerely hope you found the series to be engaging, funny, and fun. I always appreciate constructive criticism that’ll help me turn misses into hits, and hits into bulls-eyes. So pass word back to me or provide a comment here.

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