Spring sprang past the gardener

Y’all know that I love to garden. I love both vegetable gardening and flower gardening. I also like trees a lot, but I’m not sure if that’s gardening or something else (arborist?).

Anyway, I was never able to get in any new flowers into the flower beds nor was I able to till up any ground for a vegie garden. In fact, I’ve barely had time to keep the flower beds weeded. However, I’m happy to say that the old owners did a half-decent job of putting flowers in the beds. So we’ve had a few bright spots in the gardening world. For example, the daylilies bloomed just a few days ago and looked really pretty.

I hope to get in a bunch of perennials and blubs this fall so that I can enjoy beautiful flowers from last frost in April to first frost in October.



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