Some Funny Things On My Latest Travels

When I was at the TechEd party in Fenway Park, Boston, the entertainment that night was the band Train. You know ’em – “Drops of Jupiter”, “Meet Virginia”, “Calling All Angels”, and “Drops of Virginia Calling Angels”.

Well, at one point in the show, the lead singer called up ladies to dance on the first base dugout while he was singing. There were probably 30 women up there – about all of the women that attended TechEd, but I digress. Anyway, they had to stop the concert for a while because a couple of the women fell out the dugout. Here’s the video:

In addition, Dylan has shown me a hilarious new website – The ninja videos are really funny. It reminds me of Homestar Runner, except that the videos are live action rather than animated. Really good stuff.

In addition, I just have to tell you about this guy working TSA security in Boston Logan Airport on the way home. He’s pictured at center in the image above. Anyway, this dude has male pattern hair loss worse than me – basically nothing on top but plenty of black hair all around. For some reason, this guy thought it’d be a great idea to use a black Sharpie (or something like that) to color in the top of his head as if he had hair.

Note – this wasn’t a combover. It wasn’t a tupee. It wasn’t even that gross spray-on fiber stuff. This was just simply black coloring directly onto the skin. You can even see the shiny spot on top of his head in the image above. I mean, Good God man, what the heck are you thinking?!?




  1. Sharpie your head!? Hmmm…maybe you should try that? Just kidding. I tried to get a closer look, but the computer wouldn’t let me click on the pic…oh well. I’ll try another time!

  2. The picture really isn’t that clear, I’m sorry to say.

    I really wanted to take a picture standing about 3 foot away. But that wouldn’t have been very discreet, would it? ;^)

    Love ya!

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