So Many Birthdays and a New Gazebo

March and April are the busiest of seasons for birthdays, here at Kline Manor. Ava has the first birthday of the year on March 4. And the April gets real with three more birthdays. Kaylee’s birthday is April 22, Savannah’s is April 27, and Anna’s is April 30. Whew!

Pictures to come.
In the meantime, here’s a quick picture of a new gazebo I put up on the deck. It’s reinforced and bolted to the deck, so I hope it’ll stand up well to storms and high winds.
We’ve always enjoyed our deck. But without any shade, the deck had a very limited time period where we could use it enjoyably. In fact, even in mid-April, it wouldn’t be possible to use the deck in mid-day because of a blazing hot sun. So this is pretty awesome for us. Since I built it, we’ve spent about 400% more time on the deck than in previous Springs. And have enjoyed it a lot.

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