Robbery, Burglary, and Theft

Anna Lynn, in tears, watches the patrolman take fingerprints.

I’m not trying to make 2008 a bad year, but events are conspiring against me. After we returned from our beach vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama, we found the house ransacked and burglarized. Emily has a good recap of what she and Dylan found on her blog. It was pretty dramatic and everyone was really shaken up by it.

They stole a LOT of stuff: most everything with an electical plug (a couple TVs, 6 computers, iPods, Wii, Xbox, etc), some of my clothes, all of my jewelry, all of our musical equipment and instruments, lots of china, and worst of all all of my heirloom firearms and sabers. The firearms had been in my family for over 6 generations and the sabers were brought back from Germany by my great uncle after WWII.

It’s my hope that the insurance company will be easy to deal with.

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