Revealing the Real You

In a Newsweek interview, Johnny Depp (that’s CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow) says, “When I became a dad for the first time, it was like a veil being lifted…I was never horribly self-obsessed or wrapped up in my own weirdness, but when my daughter was born, suddenly there was clarity. I wasn’t angry anymore. It was the first purely selfless moment that I had ever experienced. And it was liberating. In that moment, it’s like you become something else. The real you is revealed.”

Let’s face it, I became a dad at a rather young age. And it was something that I’d always wanted to do. But now more than ever, it is that role that defines me and empowers me more than any other.

According to Mr Depp’s rational, I believe the real me is 110% dad. Here’s an example. As I was flying back from a business trip on Friday, I had a number of people stop me to tell me that they liked the Curious George T-Shirt I was wearing. I even had one older lady tell me that she literally thought to herself “Now that’s the kind of person I’d like to know!” I was amazed – wanting to know someone better simply because of a shirt?!

I first bought the Curious George T-shirt because I enjoyed not the Curious George books so much as reading the Curious George books to my kids. The books were fine, as far as children’s books go, but the experience of reading to my kids and the pure joy they got out of it was sublime. If I had to pick a character to get on a T-shirt today, it’d be Harry the Dirty Dog. He’s the current favorite of Katie Jo, Anna Lynn, and me.

What’s defining you these days?




  1. AAAAAWWWW!!! That’s soooo cute! I like old ladies. They usually smell like soap.

  2. Or beer! Oh, wait, that’s YOUR old lady. LOL!!! -ZM

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