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Every now and then I go off on a tangent away from databases and try to improve some of my other important skills, like maximizing my knowledge of the various Microsoft Office products I use in-and-out everyday.  (Let me tell ya, a good shortcut cheat sheet is worth its weight in gold!  Let me know where I can find some of those for the Office products, if you know of any.)

Anyway, I learned about some new(ish) resources on my latest productivity expedition that I thought I’d so that you can take advantage of them too.   (Let me know if any of these links go dead).

Microsoft Office Social Media

I’m kind’a surprised by the value of some social media pages.  Others, not so much.  Here’s some good ones to investigate:

The Office Blog

I used to read a ton of different email newsletters from Microsoft.  Now, I just go to The Office Blog.  It’s comprised of all of those older newsletters, like Inside Office Online, Office Offline, Templates & Clip Art, and Crabby Office Lady blogs.  So now we have a single place to get (and share productivity stories, find useful ideas, and build better solutions on top of Microsoft Office.  You can also get involved and join the conversation. When you leave comments, you can include links to your Web site, blogs, and Twitter feeds so that the world can learn more about you.  They even want contributions! (Let the staff writers know if you have an idea or want to contribute a blog post).

Office 2010 Resource Center

There are so many other great resources out there, depending on your special needs.  I’m tossing a bunch of these additional resources below because A) it’s easy to just cut-n-paste and I’m basically lazy, and B) you might not already know about them.

Office 2010 General

Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering

Office Web Apps Official Blog

Microsoft Office Resource Kit Blog

Office Solutions

Microsoft Office Sustained Engineering Blog

 Microsoft Answers for Office

Office 2010 Backstage

Microsoft Office Product Blogs

Get insight directly from the product teams.  They sometimes even know what they’re talking about!

Microsoft Access 2010 Team Blog

Microsoft Excel 2010 Team Blog

PowerPivot Team Blog

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Team blog

Microsoft PowerPoint Team Blog

Microsoft Word 2010 Team Blog

Microsoft Project Team Blog

Microsoft Publisher 2010 Team Blog

Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog

SharePoint Workspace Team Blog

SharePoint Designer Team Blog

SharePoint for End Users Blog

PerformancePoint Services

Microsoft Visio 2010 Team Blog

Microsoft InfoPath Team Blog

Mostly OneNote

Some Miscellaneous Microsoft Office Links

This stuff isn’t my cup of tea (except for the BI content), but maybe you haven’t heard of it and it’d be helpful for you:

Microsoft Business Connectivity Services

Microsoft Business Intelligence Team Blog

Office International

Office Global Experience Blog

Office Development for Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 Partner Site

SharePoint 2010 Community

Again, let me know if any of these links go dead or you have other resources you’d like to post here.  Thanks!


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