Puppy in the house!

When Rachel and I were trying to figure out which breed of dog to get, we knew that it’s personality should match that of our family. When knew a lot about dogs, but we also knew that we wanted a dog who we’d have to vacuum around. I’m just sayin’…

Jelly Bean, the 6-week old Basset Hound

These really energetic and athletic dogs – terriers and sight hounds like greyhouds and dalmatians – are great for the right people. We need a dog whose first preference is to lay around, closely followed by taking a nap. You could also reverse that order of priorities and we’d still be happy. Of course, all hounds were, once upon a time, but I haven’t seen any bassets roaming the countryside like they must’ve in days of yore. So, having been so effective at their job that they hunted the wild basset to extinction, we chose this breed since it’s spent the last 80 generations of animal husbandry at perfecting its ability to nap, look cute, and love on its master. Score!

We Can’t Keep Jelly Bean Out of the Kids’ Laps

Of course, our first goal is to housebreak out newest member. But all the kids also had to take turns ensuring that her new digs were the height of luxury and comfort. And, if the girls are ever bad, we might put them back in there!

Anna Tests Out the Puppy Cage

She’s already been so much fun and brought so much joy. We’re all in love with her and have to take turns snuggling with her.

The only exception to the universal love fest that we’ve got going on at Casa De Kline is Pikey, our ginger kitty. He’s not too sure about this whole puppy deal. He’s mostly avoided Jelly Bean to this point, but we expect him to start terrorizing the puppy any day now just like he does the rest of the family.




  1. HAHAHA, that dog looks awesome. I like your priorities.

  2. well, pikey loves me! so meh!

    and my word verification word is "prewaxic". i dunno, maybe that's the ear wax before you get to the good chunky stuff?

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