Professional Development – Interviews are a Two-way Street

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I was recently chatting with a friend who was seeking advice about difficulties in their job. This was a job which, a year ago, she described as her dream job. It quickly became evident to her that it was actually a nightmare job. The company, her coworkers, and her boss were all dysfunctional in one or more ways and it was making her life miserable. One of her big questions was “What sort of questions could I have asked during the interview that would’ve helped me foresee what it’d actually be like to work there?”

It’s Not Only About Pleasing the Interviewer

Many times, we intuitively know that you won’t get the job offer if you can’t establish a bit of rapport with the interviewer, prove your value to the organization and remove reservations about employing you. Many candidates also know that they’re basically in a competition of sorts with other candidates. So even when you demonstrate ample enthusiasm for the work and interest in the employer, you know you might get knocked out of the competition because you have a few errors on your resume or a few less qualifications than the other candidates.

What a lot of candidates seem to forget in the face of interview jitters is that this is also your best opportunity to discover if the employer is a good fit for you. In a sense, not only are they interviewing you, you are also interviewing them.

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