I’ve had many years of good service out of Ol’Blue and a few years of so-so service. He’s a 1966 model, just like me, and it takes a bit of maintenance to keep an old truck like this in good working condition. I put a lot of work into him myself and, if I had the necessary skills, would keep working on him for decades to come. The problem is that I -DON’T- have all of the skills I need to keep it going. I can change break pads, rewire some simple electronics, and change out a gasket or two, but I can’t rebuild an engine or troubleshoot an air conditioner. And I can’t afford to take him to the mechanic every single time he needs some work.

On top of that, I need funds to put the older kids through college. So, as much as it greaves me to do it, I’m going to put Ol’Blue up for sale. I hope to get about $7000 for him, though I put quite a bit more into him than that over all of the years. On the other hand, he still turns heads and, when you compare him to a new truck, he’s cost me only a 1/3 to 1/4 of what a decent new truck would cost. Heck, some guys spend more than $50 grand on a new truck! He’s going to make someone very happy – someone with more time and disposable income than me.

You’ve served me well, Ol’Blue. Fly! Be free!

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  1. That is just a beautiful truck, man. You're gonna miss him!

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