OCD in action

Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – It seems like we’ve all got it to some degree or other. I recall that one friend of the family can’t leave the house for anything without unplugging all of the hair dryers, curling irons, clothes irons, etc – TWICE!

My dad could never stand to allow a telephone cord to be tangled. No matter what he was doing, he always had to stop and untangle the cord. And that is even true when we were at restaurants, auto garages, grocery stores, wherever! And you have to remember that I’m talking about pre-cell phone days here, so every phone had a cord.

My manifestations of OCD aren’t so striking or obvious, but they do creep up every now and then. Now that Kell has moved out of the house, I think they might be a bit more pronounced since she doesn’t keep me in check. Here’s an example – I was doing some laundry, folding stuff and putting it up. I was working on towels and after putting them up in the closet, I turned to switch off the light. That’s when I looked at the towels and realized my OCD had unconsciously kicked in.

Can you see my weirdness?

Do you want to confess to any? (grin)




  1. How does a color blind guy stack in colors???

    I have no weirdnesses. None. Really.

    You can thank me for the chuckle later. Unless, of course, it made you choke on your coffee and do some kind of physical harm… in which case, I’m gonna go back, delete this, and deny deny deny…

  2. I have one. Drives my husband nuts. I believe if you open the cabinet you CLOSE it when your done. I got this from my Dad. Years ago we lived with my FIL and he would get up every morning and open every cabinet in the kitchen and leave them open. It drove me up the wall.

  3. I do the same thing. Towels must be folded a certain way, and the folds aligned, just like you did. And I sort by color, too.

    I hang everything in my closet in a certain order. My shoes go on specific places on the rack.

    I’m sure there are more – tim could probably tell you allll about it. I’m not sure whether OCD is a prerequisite for law school or whether law students simply develop OCD in order to survive, but I know it has gotten much worse over the last three years.

  4. Hey! Where do you think you learned to fold towels?! Come on, give a girl some credit!

  5. Y’alls responses cracked me up!

    Sam – I was just going light to dark, I think. I’m just glad there weren’t any light greens in there to mix up with yellows and such. And yes, I got a HUGE chuckle outta your comment. (grin)

    Cheryl – I do your husband’s thing too and it drove Kell nuts. I now see the logic in Kell and your position. But I sometimes still like to leave a cabinet open because I’m coming right back to it. Really, I am… in just a minute… or five.

    Suzie – Whoa! You’re way past me AT THE MOMENT. But once I get the time, I’ll be in your ballpark. I’m slowly getting all of my casual shirts into one area, polos next to them, dress shirts on the rack below, etc, etc, etc. Shoes, as any truly OCD person knows, must be in there own EXACT spot! God bless us, every one.

    Kender – you get credit for teaching me how to fold towels and so much more! But I won’t talk about any of those naughty tricks you taught me – yet. (big grin)

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