North Korea in action

Please read this and tell me what you think:,,2089-2393599,00.html.

Now answer me this… Iraq didn’t do a fraction of the actions that North Korea has done towards the development of nuclear weapons (a.k.a. WMDs). Iraq never openly had a nuclear reactor, testified to the existence of 8-12 rods of plutonium, threatened to reactive their breeder reactors, tested ballistic missles capable of reaching US cities, nor did they actually conduct tests of nuclear weapons. And yet Bush and Rumsfeld rushed us into Iraq… Yet, here we have a viscious dictator who is equally if not more abusive of his own people who has also publicly taken every step possible to show that he does indeed have WMDs, and yet this administration won’t even sit down to talk one-on-one with this country.

Either you stick by your principles of opposing, through force if need be, forces attempting to create and spread WMDs or you don’t. What’s it going to be?



  1. Actually Iraq did have a nuclear reactor at one time. Israel sent Mossad (sp?) in and blew it up. But that was long before we went in this time.

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