New Fast Features Video – Toad for SQL Server

Fast Features for Quest Tools. Someday soon, I promise.

I’ve been trying hard to get more videos out the door about the SQL Server tools from Quest Software (my employer).  I’d sent a new one over to the program marketing team a while back, but it’s not showing up in the Coffee Break Bytes section like it should.  These little videos show a single feature in detail, usually taking no more than 5 minutes to watch in their entirety.

In the meanwhile, check out the excellent video series here.  And the blogs are really good too, available on the interwebs here.

Thinking about cloud computing? 

Well, there aren’t many tools out there that will make your life easier than Toad for Cloud Databases.  As is most cloud technology, this particular tool is still in beta.  But there’s no better time to help set the direction and features of a tool with as outstanding a record as Toad.  Get the details and download the beta here.

And if you like providing feedback to the development team, don’t overlook the IdeaPond where you can provide your own ideas and vote on others that are already posted.  (Currently targeted towards Oracle users, but I say let’s crash that party)!



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