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Since the news broke that I was leaving Quest, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the future of (SSP).  For those of you who don’t know, SSP is a very popular community wiki and blog aggregator with nearly one hundred bloggers actively syndicating their content on the site.  Quest actively supports SSP as a non-commercial community entity and I was its former editor-in-chief.  The good news is that SSP is not going anywhere.  If you write for a blog that appears on SSP, don’t change a thing.  (Ok, change one thing.  Start adding more content to the wiki!)

Maybe I Should Syndicate at

If you’re actively blogging but not currently syndicating your content there, do so!  Details for syndicating on SSP are located here.  A few reminders and changes worth noting from what is written on the syndication page:
  1. Under section 1.4, ‘What if You Don’t Have a Blog Yet?’, the team is no longer able to help you with setting up, editing, and fact checking blog posts.
  2. Related to the item above, we vastly prefer to syndicate blogs demonstrating at least six months of active posting.  Many bloggers start with good intentions and then fade away.  Usually, if you’ve done it for six months, you’re in it for the long haul.  Although exceptions are made occasionally, your certain to be accepted as a syndicate with six months of posts.
  3. No posting about commercial products (or even free products offered by commercial entities).  That rule also applies to Quest people.  Just keepin’ it real, folks!
  4. Limit the topics to those that are of interest to SQL Server people.  The topics can be about non-SQL Server things, such as other related technologies, leadership, productivity, personal development, and so forth.  But it should be at least relevant and interesting to SQL Server people.
Aside from that, what are you waiting for?!?  Don’t you want thousands more reads on your blog per week without adding inappropriate references to Justin Bieber (blog | twitter), American Idol (blog | twitter), and teen-pop sensation One Direction (blog | twitter)?  (You saw what I just did there, didn’t you?)

One Tiny Achievement

One thing I’m proud of while I was editor-in-chief at SSP was to evangelize the citation syntax that now seems to be standard practice in the blogging world of “Blogger Name (blog_link | twitter_link).”  I wrote about this blog citation syntax first in March of 2010.  I’m proud of that.  I also introduced badges for site contributors, like the one below.
Aside from those things, I don’t think I really moved the needle much because, honestly, I already had too much other work on my plate.

And the New Editor-in-Chief IS… [drumroll]

… my friend and former colleague, Richard Douglas.  Richard Douglas is a SQL Server consultant for Quest Software in the UK covering the gamut of SQL Server products in both a pre- and post-sales capacity. Richard is often performs on-site server health checks to ensure systems are running optimally and to provide feedback on problem areas of database performance. Prior to working for Quest, Richard was working as a DBA in women’s clothing.  Hmmm, let me clarify.  No … he was not working IN women’s clothing.  He wore regular men’s clothing.  The company he worked for was in the womens’ clothing business.  Whew!  That’s better.  In fact, here’s a picture to prove that he, at least occasionally, wears men’s clothing:
Richard is active in the UK SQL Server community having been a volunteer at SQLBits.  He now runs a PASS chapter and is on the organizing committee for SQLRelay, a series of events around the UK which drew hundreds of attendees this year, he holds several certifications in SQL Server 2008.
Richard’s online presence includes: email, blog, twitter, and LinkedIn  Please take a moment to say hi!

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