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One of the few benefits I get as the president of PASS is a great suite at the hotel where we host our conference. Since we bring in a couple million dollars worth of business, you’d think it was the least they could do, right?

In case you were wondering what the Presidential Suite looks like at a major hotel, just think of a very nicely furnished full size apartment. This one happened to have a baby grand piano and huge entertainment system along with really nice Broyhill furniture.

The suite had a full dining room, a small kitchenette (no appliances besides a small fridge), and a full size living room. It also had a separate study and sitting room, two bathrooms, and a separate bedroom.

The master bathroom was really impressive with a huge jacuzzi, a separate WC, a double-size double-sink vanity, a marble-lined shower, and -get this- a full cedar sauna.

Despite all of their efforts, the Sheraton still didn’t manage to put the Presidential Suite on its own water heater. Thus, despite having the opulence of Rome all around, I still had to put up with showers that fluctuated between warm to outright cold every morning of the week. Jeesh!

All in all, it was a very nice place to stay and WAY overkill for my needs. But still, it’s cool to have experienced it at least once in my life.




  1. jebus!

  2. It’s practically a full apartment!

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