More pics from TechEd in Boston

If you want to see a TON of good quality pictures of our event, check out Joe Baguley (pronounced “Bagly”) took lots of pictures with his very high quality digital camera. They came out looking really good, except for a couple close-ups.

The trip was a lot of work – a LOT of work. Plus, I got sick right smack in the middle of the week. But I did find a couple hours over the course of the week to see a bit of Boston. It’s a very pretty city with an incredible amount of pedestrian traffic. That makes for some very nice people watching.

I did, for example, get to go to the TechEd party on Thursday night at the venerable and beloved Fenway Park. All the food booths were open, so there was lotsa beer and good eats. The entertainment that night was the band Train and they were quite good. I got seats that were really close. I could hardly hear the next day.

I also went to Boston Commons park, which was just beautiful. Just a block away from the park was the Granery Cemetery where lots of early patriots were buried including Paul Revere, Samual Adams (he did more than brew beer, y’know), Mother Goose, and Benjamin Franklin’s parents. The old tombstones were easily 200 to 300 years old. It was very, very interesting to walk among them and read the epitafts. It was a very interesting place.

The weather was beautiful. And even though I only had a couple hours of free time, it was well worth the trip.


  1. I love the pic of yoiu as a tiny red sox dude!

  2. oh…spelling mistake. sowwy.

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