More about Connemare County

One of the things that constantly brought a smile to my face as I toured Connemare County was the livestock. The sheep were allowed to roam free and only the colored marks on their wool enabled the farmers to differentiate theirs from the next mans’ flock. The ewes often rested in the verge while the little lambs frollicked around. It was really cute.

Another element of humor for me were the cows. Now, these cows seemed just like the cows of TN except that they were always, without fail, laying in the grass! I seldom see that back home. So it made me laugh and watch expectantly every time I saw cows on the horizon or around the corner. Sure enough, they’d all be laying down taking it easy. I think that Ireland must be Margaritaville for cows.
In the background, you’d often see strange piles of what looked like dirt. The tour guide informed us that in these remote parts of Ireland, people still used sod (a.k.a. turf) for heating. They’d go out to the peat bogs dig up the turf into piles and let it dry for a season. The next season, it was fuel for the fire.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the cute Connemare ponies. Every year the farmers come together near Galway to trade their ponies. Their often shown in movies about Ireland and are spunky little critters.
Today, I’m finally sight-seeing in Dublin. Wish me luck.
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