Montserrat, part 1

Montserrat means “Mountain of Teeth” and it surely looks like it. I have to say that this was the most invigorating part of any of my trips to Spain.

The Montserrat Benedictine monastery and church is nestled in the lower reaches of the Pyrennesse mountains that separate Spain from France. The area offers you some of the most spectacular mountain views of Catalunya.

I was able to visit the holy grotto where visitations by the Virgin Mary were reported. I got hear the Montserrat Choir boys recitals and take some mountain hikes with breathtaking views. I also took a funicular (one of those steep mountain-side rail cars) to the top of the mountain with amazing views of the Catalonian countryside, as well as down to the Santa Cova, the secret cave where medieval Spaniards hid the Black Madonna from the invading Moors.

It is hard for me to imagine most Americans risking their lives to hide and protect a religious artifact. But that is indeed what those medieval Catalonians did.

At noon, the church held a mass and at 1:00 pm, the Choir Boys of Montserrat sang. It was quite a beautiful and spiritual experience.

I have many more pictures to share, but not enough time! Some friends are waiting for me to do some more sightseeing and I don’t want to lose a moment in this fun and fascinating city.




  1. I love the pics. This looks like a great trip.

  2. Wow, what breathtaking moments. Have fun!

  3. Beautiful pics! Have a fun trip!

  4. Thanks y’all – you da best!

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