M’boy is growed up (sob)…

Yes, my son is becoming more manly by the moment. He’s had a little greasy Latino-looking mustache thing going on for a few months and I’d been pestering him to get in front of the sink to take care of it. Well, he finally went to work on it. He did pretty good for his first time with no nicks of any sort.

Remember how exciting it was when you first got to shave? You felt so adult. It was kind’a like that with driving too. You couldn’t wait for any excuse to get behind the wheel. “What’s that mom? Need some more Tic Tacs? I’m on my way!” But like so many other of these rights o’passage, shaving too will one day become drudgery. But until that day – enjoy it m’man!

One other note about the D’man. I have to tell you how proud I am of him! He already amazed me by being the only male freshman to ever make it into Mt Juliet High School’s Men Of Vocal Excellence (MOVE). Topping that, he went to the All-State vocal competition and won FOURTH IN THE STATE!!! And that was despite a full blown case of bronchitis earlier in the week. Dylan – you rock!

I finally got to hear m’boy in action at the MJHS Christmas Choir Program. Although there were tons of other kids up there, he did great and there were plenty of times where I could hear his voice soaring over the others. And he also played the bongos for one song. It was kind’a cool hearing him play them because they were a gift I brought back to him from one of my trips to Europe. It was wonderful to hear.

Cheers to you,



  1. WooHOo! He’s gonna be a STAH!

  2. Cool! Go Dylan!

    I remember when I first learned to shave. I had been wearing that scruffy mustache forever and finally tried to get my dad to show me how to shave it off. He was an ass about it, like usual, and acted like there was no need for me to shave EVER. My mom was screaming at him to stop acting like a jackass and help me get rid of “that thing.” Yeah, it was a joyous occasion. But then you remember my family? You remember why I was always either at your house, Mike’s house, or Tony’s house? Yep, good times.

  3. Jen, I think he could make it if he wanted. But he’ll always be a star to me. [said with a sigh and fluttering eyelashes]

    Steve, what a horrible freakin’ experience. Your mom & dad were always a strange mix of apathy and frenetic anger. I don’t blame you in the least for spending time away. Didn’t you wind up living at home the longest of all of us?


  4. Hey! Dylan actually is the 4th tenor in the state, not the 5th! Just had to set ya straight, there.
    I told him the other day to shave his greasy lip and he told me he was gonna let it grow. Grow? I think it was just kind of languishing, not growing. Anyway, good for him.
    Glad he didn’t use my Venus razor!

  5. This is so very cool! What a versatile boy genious!

  6. Yeah, they arranged that by telling me not to get any scholarships or grants because they were sending me off to U of Texas anyway and it was all taken care of, like they did for all my brothers and sisters. And when it came time for me to go they f&cked me and kept me home.

    Yeah, I’m not bitter. They didn’t f&ck me up in the least bit. No, not at all.

    So, how ’bout them Cowboys?

  7. Kel – Dylan didn’t use your Venus razor. I’ve got some good quality disposables that I use when traveling. So one of those is now officially his.

    Sam – You know the boy better’n just about anyone. He’s gone do a-okay for himself. That’s what us parents want at the end of the day.

    Steve – I kind’a remember you talking about going to college at U of Tx some time in early high school. I wondered why that never happened. Jeesh, that sucks!

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