Matsu Glacier pictures

It was hard to head home after a week of fun with Samuel, Jacob, Dan & Wendy, and the Fishback kids. But at long last, the day finally arrived.

Above is Dylan and Jacob over a sort of tunnel/canyon cut by the glacial runoff. There was a big, ice-cold stream directly beneath them. You might be able to see the strips of “blue ice” down and to the left of Dylan. Most of the glacial ice was white, but every now and then you’d see stripes or patches of vivid, sky blue ice. It’s sky blue for the same reason that the sky is blue, that is the ice absorbs all other color wavelengths and reflects only the blue wavelength making it a striking contrast to the white all around.

Oh and in the picture above, it looks like a dirt & rock ground in the foreground. But that’s really ice covered by a lot of rocks.

Here’s a cute picture of Samuel and Dylan on the glacier. Wherever rocks stood atop the ice, they would heat up in the sun and bore a melted home into the ice. You can see that happening with the little line of stones at Dylan’s feet.
Dylan and Jake spent a lot of time hanging out together on the hike. The even got off of the main hiking trail at one point and went hip deep into some mud. They had a ball though and Dylan has some scars to show for it.


  1. Holy lighning-bolts of Zues, that looked like fun!

  2. It was awesome, lil Ms Athena. You’ll get to go too sometime soon. :^)

    Love ya!


  3. If Sam wasn’t wearing that funny-lookin’ hat, that pic of him and Dylan up-close on the glacier would be the coolest ever.

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