Lordy, Lordy – Looks who’s 40!

It’s official. I’m now over the hill. Or, using the new nomenclature, I’m the “new 30”. Either way, it ain’t too bad. I feel as healthy as I’ve ever been and a lot healthier than at certain times in my life like when my back was at its worst in my late twenties to mid-thirties.

The kids and I had a low-key evening out on the town. We enjoyed a dinner together at Longhorn and hung out for a while afterwards. They got me some fantastic and fun gifts. I also want to say thanks to my friends and family who sent cards and gifts.

I also want to send a special thank you to Dr Pineapple and his Jackbooted Beauty Queen for LAST YEAR’S birthday present. You see, I was cleaning the kitchen last night and found the thank you card for their wonderful gift from last year. Doh!!! I don’t imagine it’d do any good to send it now.




  1. nice.

  2. Wow, I didn’t remember when your birthday was. But happy birthday! I’ll resist to the bitter end, kicking and screaming all the way.

  3. Steve managed to forget the Birthday Cake at Klieapalooza? What a nimrod!

    Belated Happy Birthday – I get away with missing it, as I was stuck in BCT. And they’re Combat Boots! My kids’ Momma wears Combat Boots!

    You’re just barely hitting your prime, Big Guy. You have a whole new world ahead of you. Embrace it.

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