Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


It seems like global warming has certainly taken it’s toll on Nashville winters in the last few years. Every winter seems milder and milder. This winter, at least, we can claim one good snow fall.

Katie Jo and Anna Lynn had the BIGGEST TIME frollicking in the snow on my back porch. The snow melted quickly if it hit bare ground, but it also accumulated quickly if it landed on something that didn’t touch the ground such as the roof and hood of your car, a exposed table or chair, or a wooden deck. So it turned out that the deck on the back of the house was perfect for this snowfall.

Dylan, in his own typical style, decided to launch an attack. It was fun! I don’t know if the picture reveals it well, but the snow was coming down pretty hard. Any white streaks on the picture are big, fat, wet snowflakes.

Emily also had a lot of fun on the back porch too. She proceeded to bogart most of the snow and made a very respectable 3+ foot tall snowman.

They all had a great time there on the back porch. Naturnally, they were in and out of the backdoor and leaving it open most of the time. I HATE to think of what my gas bill will look like next month!

After playing in the snow, I fed ’em all hot chocolate and graham crackers (by Katie Jo and Anna Lynn’s request). They watched a couple movies that I’d picked up for them like “Kronk’s New Groove” and some Mary-Kate and Ashley stuff. You can bet Dylan loved that one, NOT!

Emily, however, snuck off to the front yard and put her artistic talents to work. This one says “Emily was here”. The “…was here…” part is really small and not as easy to see.

She eventually came in too, with frozen fingers and soaked gloves.

But she loved it!

How was your snowy day?

Cheers, -Kev


  1. We’ve had gorgeous, mid-70’s weather for weeks. I had to turn the A.C. on in my car today. 😛

  2. Whoa! Now that’s hot!

    I have to say that I just love having a true winter. That’s why I couldn’t really be happy in the long run in FL or CA.

    However, if I ever get to meet you and your two friends all looking like the Sirens you are in that picture, I could learn to like the FL winters. (grin)

    My word is “aciryp” – a syrip with an acidic aftertaste?


  3. They threatened us with snow, but as usual nothing happened. We did wake up to some ice on the steps though.

    I’m glad you guys had fun. I WANT SOME SNOW TOO.

  4. We had about an inch and a half of snow and beautiful gust of snowflakes all day on Wednesday. The high was about 30. We were able to throw a few snow balls. The lovely white banks of snow were definitely nicer than the gray mush we’ve had.

    Yesterday, it was 55. All the snow is gone, more gray mush. This is definitely a strange winter here in Ohio and I’m not liking it. This makes me think we’re going to get big snow in April again.

    Happy weekend all!

  5. We’re having a mild winter here. Only two snowfalls (5-ish inches) so far. I think Rob jinxed us by getting new snowsuits for the kids.

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