I’ve been tagged!

My daughter Emily tagged me on her blog. Now, I have to respond to her tagging me and then tag 6 other people. And since she got tagged by her mom, I’m sure that her mom and all of her mom’s blogging friends aren’t available for me to tag. Ugh!

Alright- the rules are we must list 6 weird things about ourselves, then tag 6 more people. Each player has to clearly state the rules and then leave a comment on each person’s blog, telling them that they’ve been tagged and to read your blog. Here are my 6 weird things:

1. I used to be able to blow air out of my tear ducts. When underwater, I could blow a little stream of bubbles out of my eyes.

2. I can see better in the dark than most people and I can spot camoflage better. That’s because I’m color-blind. And don’t ask me about the time I wore a pink suit to church when I was a teenager, it’s a still major trust issue between my mother and I.

3. Until I had them surgically removed, I had four extra fang-like bicuspid teeth. They were spotted coming in at the same time as my wisdom teeth and were removed when I was 14, at the same time my wisdom teeth were removed.

4. When I was a kid, I love my hamster pets. I loved them so much that none of them lived more than a year.

5. I am personally responsible for 0.00007631% of the total climate change detected by scientists in the last couple decades due to the enormous amounts of methane I vent out my rear-end both day and night. That’s approximately 1200x more than the average human being, btw, but actually 0.5x LESS than the average Republican Senator.

6. I cannot tolerate zits, especially white heads. I think it may be an obsessive-compulsive disorder for me. Not only are they impossible for me to tolerate on myself, but if you have a visible white head I will not be able to concentrate on anything you’re saying and will only stare at the zit wondering why the heck you haven’t gotten rid of the disgusting blob of putrescence and microbial corruption.

Unfortunately, I’ve been tagged late in the game so almost all of my blogging friends have already been tagged. So this is the end of the road for this game of tag.



  1. good lord, you’re weird…

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