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I was honored to be recently interviewed by the crew at Consortio Services.  You can find my portion of this particular webcast at beginning at 17:24.  In the interview, I discuss a number of thoughts and opinions about the future of cloud computing, where our profession is headed, and more.

When I first became aware of the website, they were audio podcasts only.  Since then, they’ve changed up their format a bit, and now have a video portion along with the audio. They now included a visual “slide” with your headshot and title (not a pretty sight, in my case).  Also, they some scrolling shots of other things I’m involved with such as Quest Software, my blog here, my Tool Time column on SQL Server Magazine, and the SQL Server MVP Deep Dives book, and my personal website.

I encourage you to add this podcasting site to your list of favorites.  There’s lots of great information waiting for you there.



P.S. I just got the word that I have been re-granted MVP status for the upcoming year.  Thanks to Microsoft and all my fellow MVP colleagues for making the MVP program such an awesome credential!

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