Intellect versus Character

Albert Einstein said, “Most people think that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong. It is character.” This is true in so many ways and not just for the making of new scientists. To succeed in life you must have a cup of perseverance, two cups of integrity, a healthy dose of self-respect, a balancing dash of humility, and at least a teaspoon of goals/ambitions.

Yet most parents are focused first and foremost on the grades and the scores on those standardized tests of their children. My kids’ intellect is very important to me, but it’s only the foresail their ship of destiny. The main sail, mizzenmast, and rudder are attitudes, aptitudes, and ethics.

The Greeks used to say “character is fate”. (Thank you Mrs Satterfield, my AP English teacher, for teaching me that!) And I believe it. What about you?



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