ICYMI – Troubleshooting SQL Performance Issues, Missing Indexes, and DROP and TRUNCATE TABLE

A digest of great articles originally appearing at SQLPerformance.com.

Troubleshooting SQL Server CPU Performance Issues
This outstanding article from Joe Sack ( b | t ) of SQLskills.com steps you through a methodical and insightful series of DMVs and queries that can pinpoint CPU issues on your SQL Server instances.

Don’t just blindly create those “missing” indexes!
Our own Aaron Bertrand ( b | t ) discusses ways to get better and more balanced information used in decisions about creating new indexes than offered as suggestions by native SQL Server tools.

The Myth that DROP and TRUNCATE TABLE are Non-Logged
Paul Randal ( b | t ) of SQLskills.com refutes the age-old myth that TRUNCATE TABLE and DROP are not logged operations. I love the full T-SQL reproduction of the issue so that you can see the internals in action.Troubleshooting SQL Server CPU Performance Issues

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