ICYMI: Ten Query Techniques Every SQL Programmer Should Know (Video)

Update 09-Mar-2015: The original PASS links I provided were behind a firewall. Thanks reader MMcDonald, we have a working link on YouTube.

One of the benefits of joining PASS is that you get access to their expansive library of conference videos. (Membership is free. So join now. What’dya want, a hand-written invitation?!?) I want to take a moment to point out a good one that I think anybody who writes SQL code on SQL Server should watch.

If you know anything about the staff here at SQL Sentry, then you’re probably expecting me and my colleague Microsoft MVP Aaron Bertrand (b | t) to be doing double-duty at any conference we attend in both the booth and as a conference presenter. Well, you certainly wouldn’t be wrong. 🙂

Kev n Aaron 01

Between the two of us at the PASS Summit 2013, we participated or led in:

  • Three “First Timer” Orientation Sessions, with Microsoft MVP Kendal Van Dyke (b | t)
  • The opening night Reception and Quizbowl
  • The Women in Technology (WIT) Luncheon
  • Two Spotlight sessions with a technology focus. (Click the picture at above to watch the video for the session Ten Query Tuning Techniques Every SQL Programmer Should Know. Aaron has posted extras like PowerPoint and Samples  as well!)
  • Two regular sessions with a professional development focus

Now, it’s time for Aaron and I to figure out what we’re going to submit to the PASS Summit 2015. What kind of suggestions do you have for us?


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