ICYMI: Sequences, CPUs, and Trimming T-Logs – SQL Server Performance Topics

Have you read any of the great articles on SQLPerformance.com? The deep-dive technical info about SQL Server performance issues authored by the SQL Server industry’s top experts. Here are a few great articles from the early days of the website, January 2013:


Generate a set or sequence without loops

Aaron Bertrand (b|t) provides detailed performance information about a variety of methods used to generate sets and sequences in this first in a three part series.

Selecting a Processor for SQL Server 2012

Glenn Berry (b|t) of SQLskills.com sheds light on the best CPU to select for your new SQL Server 2012 installation, an especially important insight considering Microsoft’s move to core-based licensing.  The wrong choice could cost you a fortune. A lively discussion also made this article even more enjoyable.

Trimming More Transaction Log Fat

In a follow-up to his December 2012 article, Paul Randal (b|t) of SQLskills.com dives into subtle performance problems that can cause bloat in the transaction log and slow its performance.


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