ICYMI: Partitioning Advice, Purging Data Bloat, and an example of TVF Misbehavior – SQL Server Performance

Here are some oldies, but goodies that I recommend you read:

Two Partitioning Peculiarities and Aggregates and Partitioning

Most of us know that partitions are one of the best ways to scale very large databases or very large IO workloads.  However, there are risks, two of which are explored in detail by internals master Paul White (b | t).

The Price of Not Purging

Holding on to data long after its useful lifespan contributes to bloat and added preventative maintenance headaches. Read this informative post from Erin Stellato (b | t), of SQLSkills.com, where you’ll find a lot of useful information about the direct role that database size plays in the duration of all sorts of transactions and administrative operations.

Why is my intermediate result set so huge?

Over at our SQL query tuning forum on Answers.SQLPerformance.com, you should read this entry to see a strong real-world example of why table-valued functions (that should set of warning klaxons!) can be a mixed blessing or, in some cases, even a curse.

Follow-up on Summer Performance Palooza

I like Q&A articles, often because someone smarter than me has thought of a question I should have thought of but didn’t. Aaron Bertrand (b | t), the editor-in-chief at SQLPerformance.com, recaps his performance presentation for the PASS VC Summer Performance Palooza including an expansive Q&A section covering all of the questions that came in during and after the presentation.

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