ICYMI: Parameter Sniffing, Friends with Partition Benefits, and SELECT INTO Parallelism – SQL Server Performance

Great topics for further reading about tuning SQL Server performance:

Exploring SQL Server 2014 SELECT INTO Parallelism

Joe Sack (b | t) provides us with a peak into the performance improvements and new behaviors of SQL Server 2014 in the way it can now parallelize large SELECT INTO operations.

Parameter Sniffing, Embedding, and the RECOMPILE Options

Parameter sniffing is a term used to describe the processes by which SQL Server attempts to reuse execution plans where certain parameters might frequently change. If you’re only familiar in passing with the term, it probably has negative connotations for you.  But parameter sniffing is merely a behavior, which is neither always bad nor always good in and of itself. Read this interesting article by Paul White (b|t), and be sure to read the lively discussion that follows.

Finding Performance Benefits with Partitioning

Erin Stellato (b | t), of SQLSkills.com, is back with another great read. This time she’s covering performance benefits that come from partitioning and in which cases partitioning is not going to provide a performance boost.



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