Gulf Vacation – Pool Pictures

We spent more time in the pool than on the beach. That was because we were better able to deal with sunburn in the pool and could even skip to the indoor pool to completely avoid the sun when we wanted to.

For some reason, Dylan was a real pill this trip. While Emily could be pretty darn grouchy at times, she was generally great to be with. Dylan, on the other hand, was generally unpleasant to be with while occassionally shifting into a good mood. The above picture, taken in the indoor pool area, shows Dylan and Emily bickering – as usual. (sigh)

On the other hand, Katie Jo and Anna Lynn were excited and happy about everything we did. And as you can tell, the weather was awesome! You can see Katie Jo in the foreground, with Emily and her best friend, Bailey Lyttle, in the background.

Katie Jo was such a brave swimmer. But she always had her Big Bird Floaty close at hand, if not wrapped right around her.

Anna Lynn was inseperable from her goggles. You can see John Bartow and some of the other kids from Grace church in the background.

Dylan really didn’t swim very much. He mostly stayed up in the room and played video games. Tanner Parson is also in the picture with us and, personally, I think he looks really cute. LOL!

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