Gulf Vacation – Beach Time

Naturally, when you go to the beach you, well, go to the beach! We spent so much time on the beach that I thought we were going to grow gills.

The little girls especially enjoyed digging up the little clams that lived in the surf and watching them dig back down into the sand. Oh, you can also see that Anna Lynn practically LIVED with her goggles on. For some reason, the goggles reminded me of that kid in the “Christmas Story” movie who was in the line to see Santa and wore the bi-wing pilot goggles and leather cap. Teehee! The second picture was taken by Emily with my Treo 650.

Emily found a lot of hermit crabs out in the water with her goggles. She was also a major hero! Mark Rowe had somehow managed to lose his wedding ring in the surf and Emily found it. Way to go Emily!

Here I am working on my non-existant tan. Remind me to straighten up in my next shirtless picture. You can almost see four outta six in my six-pack!

More pictures in the next posting…



  1. Yay! I’m a hero!

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