Great Blogs from Microsoft SQL Server Teams

You might remember my Best of the Blogs post back in February of this year.  The blog post provided a link to all of the SQL Server MVP blogs that I was aware of at the time and, through the comments, many more were added.  I’m fairly sure that you can find almost any good SQL Server MVP on that roll.

However, this got me wondering if there was anything similar on the Microsoft side of the community.  Most of us, by now, know about the fantastic resources available from the SQLCAT team.  And if you care at all about SQL Server, then you’re probably also reading the SQL Server PSS Escalation Engineers’ blog.  But what else is there?  Do each of the major components within SQL Server have a representative team blog?  While I’m not sure about that last question, I think you’ll be very pleased to take a look at the Microsoft SQL Server Team blogs shown on the MSDN SQL Server Developer Center.  I know it does include all extant SQL Server team blogs or personal Microsoftee blogs (Bill Ramos, do you hear me?!), but it’s a great place to start.



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