Girls Day Out With Dad

On this particular cool and clear Saturday morning, Rachel’s girls had to spend the morning with their dad.

Katie and Anna, Before Getting Their Makeover

So I had the opportunity to do something fun and different with Katie and Anna.That’s when I noticed that our little neighborhood newspaper had a story that one of the local beauty schools was holding an open house where girls could get free hair, nails, and makeup. Sounds perfect! I’m certain the girls will enjoy this. Me? Well, let’s just say the Lord has given me a certain degree of patience when indulging my daughters.

Anna Goes First

The place was rather crowded. Ladies, old and young, were clustered in groups, primping and preening. And, not surprisingly, I was the only dad there. Despite the crowds, Anna was seated immediately. She asked for a rather simple double ponytail. Since her hairstyle was so simple, it didn’t take long at all for her to finish. In fact, she was pretty much done an hour before Katie was.

OTOH, Katie asked for one of the most time time consuming and difficult hairstyles on the menu. She wanted mega, ultra, super curls, the kind of curls that’d leave Shirley Temple jealous.

Since she has naturally straight hair, this wasn’t gonna be quick or easy. [sigh] But Katie was incredibly patient.

I thought that Anna might go stir crazy while waiting for Katie to finish. But, just when we needed it most, a parent came in with … wait for it … PUPPIES!

Both Katie and Anna go to holder the little baby beagles. They were so cute, snuggle, and sleepy that they kept the girls very happy until it was time to go.

At long last, it was time to go. In fact, it was well past time to go. My back was aching and my feet were tired. But the girls were happy and had a great time. Makeup, hair, nails and PUPPIES! What could be better than that, I ask?!?

Now let’s go get ice cream, dad!

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