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I have to confess that I’m incredibly excited about BigData.  I haven’t been this excited about new innovations in IT since relational databases first appeared on the scene early in my career.  But what is BigData?

Back in those days, I can still feel the echos of adrenaline when I was hired to work on a NASA project that would involve over 100Mb of data.  ONE HUNDRED MEGABYTES! Good grief, that was fantastically huge to us on the team.  (That database was over 130Mb when I finally moved on to another project).  And remember – PC software was installed using 640Kb floppy disks at the time.  In fact, my Oracle v5 instance required shuffling through about a dozen floppy disks to get the thing installed on a 286 IBM PC.

BigData today takes on an entirely meaning as database sizes scale into the petabytes.  But the emphasis is still the same today as it was back in the 1980’s – turning data into actionable information.  However, with BigData, we can achieve amazing new insight from this data and mine for tidbits that would never have seen the light of day with smaller data sets.

The two major themes to remember about big data are 1) the more data you have on a given domain, the more power you have, 2) the better the analysis you can perform on the data, the more power you have.  In fact, theme 2 might be the most important thing to consider because lots of data is meaningless unless you can extract knowledge from it. And that’s where better analytical techniques come into play.

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