Frish Fry

We’ve had a lot of health issues this week. BothKatie Jo and Anna Lynn had strep. This is tough in and of itself. But to make matters worse, we were expecting guests.

When Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Chuck finally made it off of the airplane on October 5th, it turns out that Grandpa Chuck was really sick with a terrible stomach flu. On top of that, I was showing Grandma Shirley around the property over the weekend when I stepped on a big, ol’ rusty nail that pierced my right foot about 1/2″. Yeouch! Then I got the obligatory tetanus shot. Double yeouch!

We did manage to get out and have some fun, though. On Saturday, we went to a fish fry at church and had a good time eating lots of fried catfish. Just try saying “Fish Fry” five times fast. It always comes out as “frish fry” for me.

It took quite a while for Grandpa Chuck to feel better. However, he did start to feel better after a couple of days after arriving. It’s worth noting though, when he was seen by the doctor, that they just totally marvelled over how extraordinary it was for a 70-yr old man to come into their office taking no medication. I can certainly understand their amazement. After all, I’m only 40 and I take at least 2 maintenance medications. So here’s a toast to Grandpa Chuck’s health – here’s to many more years of the same.

We mostly hung out since many of us we feeling icky. In addition, the ol’ foot was keeping me from being adventurous and work requirements kept my nose to the grindstone. The thing I was most happy about, however, was just getting to see my folks and my kids spend some time together. It’s a rare opportunity when you live 2,400 miles apart to spend a lot of time together. So I’m very happy that everyone got to spend some time together.

After the kids went to their mom’s on Friday afternoon, Grandma Shirley, Grandpa Chuck, and I were able to get out and see the city a little bit. It would’ve been nice to spend every night one the town, listening to music and seeing the sites. As it turned out, we only had the one Friday evening since both they and I were flying out on Saturday morning. Bleck!

That night, we headed downtown and prowled for something fun to do. Second Avenue was hopping that night and there were lots of people on the street all the way up to Printer’s Alley (and beyond). We scoped out a lot of bars and juke joints, but wound up settling on a slightly quieter venue – Mulligan’s Irish Pub. They had a Irish folk treo in the house that night playing lots of drinking songs and the like.

It was sad to see them go. But it was great to have them here with us in our new house. And we know we’ll do it again!




  1. She looks just like I remember.

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