Fishin’ and peace of mind

Peace of Mind

A Duke University study recently came out with suggestions to increase your peace of mind:

– Don’t nurse grudges
– Don’t live in the past
– Don’t fight conditions you cannot change
– Stay involved in society even when you feel like withdrawing
– Refuse to indulge in self-pity
– Cultivate love and humor
– Don’t expect too much from yourself
– Find someone bigger than yourself to believe in (self-centered people always score lowest on happiness tests)

Many of these rules seem to be self-evident, but I’m surprised by how many people, even close friends, who do not. Now I’m not going to make any judgement calls on folks who are worryworts or only dwell on the ‘glory days’ of high school or college. But I can absolutely feel a difference in my life by just forgiving wrongs, living in the moment with humor and integrity, and working towards a better future for me and my kids.

I’ve tried to live by these rules without ever knowing about the study from Duke University. But for some silly reason, I keep thinking about people who are crazy about fishing. Doesn’t fishing supposedly bring peace of mind? It hasn’t for me yet because I spend the entire time untangling fishing line from the kids’ fishing poles. But some day soon, I pray, our little fishing trips down to Old Hickory Lake will not only be something that the kids enjoy but is also something that’s relaxing and peaceful!

Peace of Christ,



  1. My fishing pole does not agree with me.

  2. Emily, you are so cute and witty! You make me laugh!

  3. Em – your fishin’ pole is downright onery. We need to get you a new one.


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