Fire in da ‘hood

Emily had a friend spend the night last week and, after many hours of fun, we needed to drop her off in our old neighborhood, Hunter’s Crossing. So we were passed by an ambulance and a fire truck, with lights flashing and sirens blaring, as we drove way to the back of the neighbor hood to drop Deanna off. (Note to self: don’t go down into a no outlet street without knowing where emergency vehicles are going!)

Sure enough there was a fire at the old McNamie place and, because there were now so many emergency vehicles there, we couldn’t get past them. We were stuck until the fire trucks and fire men decided to leave. So we got out of the car and watched the repairs. Evidently, one of the kids beds caught on fire in the upper left bedroom (in the picture). The fire men (and at least one fire woman) dumped the matress and boxsprings, plus lots of bedding, out the window. One corner of the matress and boxsprings were badly burned and smoldering. The smoke was horrible.

In a way, it was kind’a strange and surreal. The lights on the emergency vehicles lit up the whole place. And people throughout the neighbor hood came out to watch. Several even got out the lawn chairs and got comfortable to watch the spectacle.

I had a lot of things to do at home and felt anxious to get out of there. But as often happens, the Lord reminded me that things like this happen for a reason. Dylan, Emily, and the kids were able to reconnect with a lot of friends in the old neighborhood. And I got to talk with at least two families that I was friends with. So it was definitely good to see some of my old neighbors.

And, of course, I was reminded to be thankful for the things in life that really matter to me – my loved ones – and that I should let go of the material things in life that really aren’t important.

Stay well!



  1. Boy…that was an awful lot o’ fun!…

  2. I don’t recall you enjoying it at the time! -Dad

  3. um…sarcasm…

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