Emmy Tay Fwine is 13!

I can’t believe that I have TWO teenagers now, but it’s true. Emily – yes, that’s Queen High-n-Mighty – just turned 13. We did some shopping at Party City a few weeks ago and chose a fun laua (sp?) theme for her party.

On Sunday, June 16th – her actual birthday – we had a little miniature celebration. It’s a tradition that the kids get to pick a restaurant where they’d like to eat. Emily chose Sakura, a nice sushi and habachi grill in Hermitage. It was all of the Kline kids, Bailey Lyttle (her best friend), and two other friends from church. You can see her in the picture at right with her birthday cake.

She had a bunch of friends over and a few even spent the night. They were all great and didn’t give me any trouble, although they did get up about 1:00 am to get snacks. (grumble)

Happy Birthday, Emily, my sweet!



  1. I didn’t feel good that night, but noooooo, the other girls just HAD to stay up until 5:00 in the morning!

  2. Hey babes, that’s pretty amazing! You really can keep the party going!


  3. I did a purty good job on that cookie, if I must say so myself!

  4. it was yummy….mmmm…cooookiiieee…

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