Easter Madness

We had a fun Resurrection Sunday. I picked up the kids from Kelly’s apartment and we headed down to church for a great Easter celebration. On the way home, Emily decided to update her look with a little “Gangsta flava” –

We all laughed our tails off over Emily’s new “grill”.

Once we got home, the kids started their search for the Easter Bunny’s baskets. He brought candy for them all, plus a little gift for each one. Dylan and Emily both got a CD from the Easter Bunny. Anna Lynn and Katie Jo each got a puzzle and a bottle of SPLAT from the Easter Bunny. They were beyond ecstatic!

So funny, but so fun. I wasn’t sure if the little critters were going to play with the SPLAT or simply consume it in a fit of frenzied happiness. Katie promptly disappeared with her splat, probably to run it into my last nice suit. Anna Lynn decided to use a straw to try to make the grossest farty sounds in history. She was also trying to blow huge bubbles into the splat (not drink it, if you were wondering), but all she got were little bubbles and big poots. :^)

In the end, we all had a great time and really enjoyed the day. And that’s what it’s all about!




  1. Katie also promptly ruined one of the couches by pouring the SPLAT into the seat cushions.

  2. Okay, What is splat? It sounds like messy fun.

  3. Hi Cheryl, do you remember “slime” from our high school days? It’s very much like that, but a bit more runny and comes in more color choices. Yucky! ;^)


  4. You gotta wonder about the meetings where the monsters who think this stuff up pitch ideas… “C’mon, the little girls will beg for it, and then Daddy will have to buy new furniture and suits from our many subsidiaries…we’ll get them coming and going!”

  5. AHHH! A new version of an oldie. I’m not surprised. It would probably wind up all over my carpet. 🙂

  6. Sam – I love your eyes! -Kev

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