Early Music with Kevin and Lara Lay

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my best friend from high school, Kevin Lay, and his family. I was really happy to get an email from them recently that they were in Nashville doing an early music show over in Belle Meade on a Sunday in which I was actually in town and not traveling!

The performance was at St George’s Episcopal on a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon and included music by Telemon and Purcell. I think there might’ve been some Bach in there too, but can’t recall.

One thing that was really interesting about the performance was that it used all period instruments. It was much more lively and vibrant than what I’d thought typical of early music. Lara plays the oboe and has a Masters in performance, as does Kevin, though he specializes in cello and it’s early predecessor, the viola de gamba. You may be able to see the ornate carved head do Kevin’s gamba in the picture below. It was a truly masterful instrument made for a master musician of the early 20th century. He’s very proud of it and rightfully so. I’m sure it cost as much as a decent car.
Kevin and Lara have two sons that are about Anna Lynn’s age, but they weren’t able come come up on this trip. Aiden, their oldest, is now so good at chess that he can best mom and dad 100% of the time now. Way to go Aiden!
I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to get down to Huntsville and Madison some time soon for a visit. Cheers,

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