DBTA – StretchDB, a Cool New Feature in vNext SQL Server

Originally appearing in my monthly column at Database Trends & Applications magazine.

When it comes to cloud-based database management, there are really only two players: Amazon, the value leader, and Microsoft, the innovation leader. Amazon has carved out a niche as the value leader in cloud-based database management, supporting not only its own implementations of various database platforms such as MySQL and Hadoop, but also supporting premier commercial DBMSs such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Meanwhile, Microsoft has, in my mind, carved out a very strong niche as the innovation leader by offering powerful technologies to integrate on-premises databases with various Azure services.


I described some of the innovations Microsoft is making in the cloud in previous articles, such as one last January in which I described a raft of new cloud offerings in SQL Server 2014 and one last April in which I wrote about the Hadoop-powered offerings of SQL Server HDinsight. Microsoft continues to do cool things in this space, including a feature announced last November at the PASS Summit 2014 conference called StretchDB.

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