Collaboration Nation Call to Action! Calling All SQL Server Bloggers and Twitterers

The Suggestion

The Modern Language Association hasn’t made up all the new rules yet to govern how one blogger should reverence, er, reference another in their blog posts.  But they should!  Let’s get that ball rolling for them.

I’m not exactly sure who started this format, but it’s my favorite.  When writing a blog post in which you mention another person’s blog, let’s do it like this:

“blogger name (blog_hyperlink | twitter_hyperlink)”

So, we might read a blog post by my friend Kimberly Tripp (blog | twitter) that might look something like this:

“…the Scottish Terrier was so well known in early American society that as recently as the 1910’s, Manhattanite nannies instructed their young charges to be good else the “Scottish Terrier” would eat them, after a lengthy session of slobbery nuzzling and years of canine devotion.  It is for this very reason that I’ve given my Scots/English husband, Paul Randal (blog |twitter), several variations of the nickname  “Scottish terrier”, “scotty”, “snotty”, and “scotsnots” until such a time as needed for me to roll up the newspaper, give him a good spanking, and stick his nose in …”

Well, you get the point.  And didja notice that I worked in not just one, but TWO entire examples of the blog-reference syntax?!?  I can hardly believe my own craftiness.  I went to university for four years to learn that y’know – and to learn how to funnel beer – but I digress.

The Call To Action

One thing I love about the SQL Server community is our very community-ness.  (I also like the fact that you’ll let me invent stupid words on the fly without too much criticism.)  So, let’s make the glob, {ah! damned dyslexia!} , blog reference business even easier by having you (yes, YOU) post your own blog & twitter links as a comment here.

I repeat – post a comment here containing your name, blog (with embedded hyperlink to your blog), and twitter (with embedded hyperlink to my twitter, er, YOUR twitter account).

I’ll then repost a brand new shiny article with a full compendium to everyone’s blog & twitter hyperlinks (except Brent Ozar’s (blog | twitter) ) which you can save to some obscure cranny of Outlook or WordPerfect to call up at a moments notice when the urge to both blog and reference other bloggers strikes you.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing your blog reference soon!


-Twitter @kekline


  1. Hey – you got my blog one right but not the Twitter one. I’m shocked. How could you?!?!

    Actually she calls me a ‘mongrel’ – but that’s a whole other kettle of fish, so to speak.

    Your (former) friend, Paul.

  2. Thank’s Kevin. It’s a little crazy but very interesting idea

    Tobiasz Koprowski ([url=]blog[/url] | []twitter[/url)

  3. Pinal Dave (blog | twitter

  4. blog
    twitter @rusanu

    But how is the list going to maintain itself? New bloggers come every week, other retire for greener pastures.

  5. Ted Krueger (Blog | Twitter)

  6. Gethyn Ellis

  7. Josef Richberg (blog | twitter)

  8. I am too dense to get HTML to work in the comments.



  9. Charles Hunt says

    Charles Hunt (Blog | Twitter

  10. Charles Hunt says

    Server: Msg 170, Level 15, State 1, Line 1
    Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ‘>’.

    Let’s try this again:

    Charles Hunt (Blog | Twitter)

  11. Charles Hunt says

    Damn it! Just don’t even approve my posts…

  12. Good idea, though a little verbose since we could hyperlink their name. –Eric Humphrey (blog | twitter)

  13. i’m offering two sets, as I use my handle more often than my full name, saves time spell-checking 🙂

    Eli Weinstock-Herman (blog | twitter)
    Tarwn (blog | twitter)

  14. Wesley Backelant (blog | twitter)

  15. Kevin,

    So should what you’re asking for look like this?:

    Aaron Nelson ( | )

    (I couldn’t get the hyperlinks to work right.)

  16. I’ll give it a try… don’t know if the hyperlink will come through correctly…

    Brad Schulz (blog)

  17. Sure hope HTML tags work in here…

    Jennifer McCown (blog | twitter)

    Sean McCown (blog | twitter)

  18. Patrick Kansa says

    No blog related to SQL Server, but my twitter is @pkansa

  19. Jason Strate ( | twitter-

  20. I seriously hope this isn’t the first comment on your blog entry!

    Hi, my name is “Wendy” and my blog can be found here:

    And you can find me on twitter here:

  21. Okay, so apparently I should read articles from top to bottom, not the other way around.

    Wendy Pastrick (Blog | Twitter)

  22. I don’t have a blog yet, so *just* my Twitter acct will have to do…

    Andie Letourneau (twitter)

  23. Twitter:

    Great idea, Kevin!

  24. Ryan Adams (Blog | Twitter)

  25. Very good gesture.

  26. Jason Hall (blog | twitter)

  27. John Dunleavy (BLOG | Twitter )

  28. Great idea!

    Joe Webb (

  29. Thanks!

    Diane McNurlan (Blog | Twitter)

  30. Great idea!
    My blog:

  31. AdaTheDev (Blog | Twitter

  32. John Pertell says

    Hope I got the tags right.

    John Pertell (Blog | Twitter)

  33. Artemakis Artemiou (Blog | Twitter)

  34. Troy Gallant (Blog | Twitter)

  35. I thought I put this in already.

    Pat Wright (Blog | Twitter)

    In case the tags didn’t work.

  36. Bob Pusateri says


    I haven’t found the time to setup a blog yet 🙁

  37. Jack Vamvas (blog | Twitter)

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