Christmas Plays are Everywhere

With as many kids in school programs as we have, it seemed like there was at least two or three plays, choir concerts, or activites to do every week of the Christmas season. The picture above shows Emily in her role in the Christmas play as the narrator of the scene from “The Christmas Story” where the kids do their double-dog dare and tongue on the light pole scene. I’m sorry for the blurry picture, but I forgot how huge the new auditorium is and that I’d have to zoom half a mile to get fairly close up on Emily. She did great!

Here’s a picture of Dylan and Connor goofin’ at the Candlelight Holiday Show that the choir was invited to perform at Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville. They got to perform alongside the university choir. Working with the older kids really seemed to bring out the best in Dylan and his choirmates because they sounded awesome!

Next, I’ll post pictures of the little kids and their exploits at all of their holiday shows.



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